In this guide we are going to have a quick overview of how to post your DIY project to DabbleHub!

Table of Contents

High Level Post Info

The first section of your post is a high level summary with the following:

  • Title: This is the title of your post.
  • Featured Image: This image will be used as the thumbnail and a large version of it will be at the top of the post.
  • Content Description: This is a summary of the post, it will appear below the Featured Image and before the individual steps.

Post Details

The next section has the post details, this lets you identify your post and make it easier to find.

  • Cost: How much will this cost someone to make?
  • Time: How long will this take?
  • Complexity: How hard is this project, or how much of an expert do you need to be?
  • Categories (pick up to 2): This is what type of project it is, this allows users to sort and find it
  • Product URL: If you have a purchasable plan or product tied to this post enter the URL and a Buy Now button will link users to it.
  • Style (pick up to 2): This is the overall style or feel of the project.
  • Video: You can add a video link to your youtube if you have one. (not shown in picture below)

Content Images

This section lets you upload images with a detailed description for each one. Each content image will be displayed as a “step” with the description next to it. You need at least 3 images but can add up to 10.

This is an example of two “steps” as they will be shown once posted.

Final Steps

Lastly you can add custom tags to identify what you project is about. In addition there is a check to ensure that by submitting this you agree to our terms

Once you’re happy with your content hit submit to upload your project DabbleHub!